Ayotzinapa Dad Speaks Out On Plan Merida

At the CUNY School of Law, Mr.Tizapa joined Laura Carlsen to discuss the Ayotzinapa case and the current climate around Plan Merida.

La Cartita --- Mexico's longstanding record of impunity appears to be coming to a head in the United States. Public attention on US Aid to Mexico's government has zeroed in on Plan Merida. At least, that is what CUNY's event today appears to indicate with prominent international and migrant voices echoing calls for the US government to discontinue the aid.

Laura Carlsen spoke on the Merida initiative and the normality of violence in Mexico (10/27/2016)
Ayotzinapa at CUNY
"What Can You Do To Stop Plan Merida?" projected at CUNY (10/27/2016)

Antonio Tizapa continues to meet with international investigators to discuss the whereabouts of his son. The Ayotzinapa case has maintained its relevancy thanks to his tireless efforts. On an almost weekly basis, Antonio Tizapa has events centered around publicizing the most recent information on the Ayotzinapa case. Two more students have been assasinated by the Mexican government. October 2, 2016 marked the data in which 4 civilians and 2 Ayotzinapa student were murdered in what appeared to be a targeted attack miles away from the Ayotzinapa Rural College. The students were aboard a civilian public transport.